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GUNNA is a new range of uncompromisingly good craft soft drinks, with full on flavour and true character. The antidote to bland recipes and forgettable personalities. Just 73 calories per can but, still bursting with sophistication.

GUNNA’ s crafted soft drinks are made with delicious real fruit, but no artificial colour or flavours. Totally vegan and only sold in eco-friendly recyclable cans. At The Mulberry, you can enjoy Lemonade & Mint, Raspberry Lemonade and Ginger Lemonade.

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Based in the Metroland of the creative quarter of Kings Cross, London, Two Tribes uses the freshest, natural ingredients to create a range of delicious vegan beers.

They are not just about beer – the name comes from the ethos to collaborate with as many creative heads as possible. Their Dream Factory, a brewery by day and a music venue by night, plays host to everyone from graphic designers to global pop stars

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In 2005, at a party in Seattle bartender Ryan Magarian was introduced to “summer gin”, he loved the subtle juniper flavour and wanted to find out more. Equally passionate, Christian Krogstad, founder of a craft distillery in Portland, Oregan, was looking to create a uniquely American gin. Problem was, American gins has disappeared along with the Prohibition – so no one knew exactly how they tasted.

Bringing both of their keen interests together and through repeated trial and experimentation, Ryan and Christian landed on a perfect blend of 7 botanicals with hint of juniper in the background… and Aviation Gin was born!

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